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We are agents for Kilkenny Beer Cooling Systems who designed and introduced the current generation of beer coolers into the Irish Market in 1980. Since then, the cooler has been continuously refined and improved. The vast majority of the Irish beer dispense market, including all major stadia, pub chains, event centres and racecourses depend on Kilkenny Beer Coolers every day. The Advantages of Kilkeny Beer Coolers are many. 

Patented Pump with Agitation
(pat no. 2003902236)

The specifically designed top mounted air cooled pump is the most efficient in its class as opposed to the alternatives ranging from submersible pumps to power-hungry generic pumps not designed for the job. Submersible pumps are water cooled, adding heat to the ice bath. The refrigeration unit must then work harder to cool the beer, costing the publican more money in refrigeration. The Kilkenny Beer Cooling pumps are centrally mounted and have an integral agitation system, meaning that the Kilkenny cooler does not require a secondary agitator motor.


Product Coils are grouped into standalone ‘cartridges’. Changing a coil is as easy as undoing two bolts and lifting out the coil. It can even be done while the machine is running without disconnecting the pythons. Other manufactures have their product coils fixed to the lid of the cooler, which means that the cooler must be deactivated and the entire lid must be removed to change just one coil. Kilkenny Beer Coolers coils are also individually colour coded for easy identification and changeover. 

Models to choose from :


Has a capacity of up to 8 tracks, the Junior is an entry-level chiller designed for small bars and restaurants.


Specially designed for low volume outlets with peak demand. It can cater for up to 16 tracks. This small chiller is perfect for small and medium sized bars and restaurants.  


Suitable for the vast majority of beer cooling applications.  It can accommodate anything up to 48 lines, in four body sizes.


Model uses the same body as the standard, and suits applications where high cooling capacity or ultimate reliability are required. These are simply standard coolers which are equipped with two evaporator coils and two refrigeration units. It is available in 4 capacities.


Suited to extremely high demand applications such as sports stadiums and event arenas. The Arena can chill over 2000 pints of beer per hour to as low as two degrees from a cellar/ coldroom temperature of eight degrees and is suitable for using with high volume ‘quick pour’ systems such as Exactap, as used in the O2 Arena (Europe’s largest dedicated indoor music venue).

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